Aspartame in Pickled Ginger

Took my friend Martha out for sushi for her birthday and we were agreeing as to how much we love pickled ginger. In the grocery store tonight, I decided to look for some. They had two kinds: both contained aspartame. I was shocked. Aspartame has been a known migraine trigger for me, so I am on the hunt for pickled ginger that eschews the stuff. I’d rather have the calories than a migraine, thanks all the same.

Now I’ve logged a completed week and this is what I have to report:

Number of pounds to lose this week: 2

Number of pounds lost: 8.2

Number of steps to walk: 30,000

Number of steps walked, run, crawled, staggered, etc: 60,292

Consumed today: 14 pieces sushi, 1 heavenly piece of scallop sashimi. Iced coffee. Leftovers from last night’s Chinese dinner: a few thin slices of sparerib, half a cup of Hong Kong noodle, shrimp and scrambled egg and those weird delicious spinach-pepper-spicy greens. Plus a rice cake, two tiny pieces of cheese from the cheese counter (the size of pencil erasers, I tell you) and two cups of watermelon.

I walked 7,724 steps today– not quite three miles and a mile and quarter of that was on the treadmill at 3 mph and a tenth of a mile was at a run. It’s all baby steps.

I feel cheerful.


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