Re-entering the Atmosphere

One thing about living in a hotel room is that it limits your access to food. Now that I am home again, the refrigerator beckons. So far, I am ignoring her siren call.

Pretty stiff and store from three days of running on concrete– and I was horribly out of breath from showing dogs in back to back classes. Messages in both of those experiences, and I hear them loud and clear. Last night when I posted, I still had dogs to walk and so forth– by the time I finished I’d walked more than 12,000 steps. That only works out to a little over five miles, which is shocking. I thought it must be at least twenty! It felt like twenty.

Today I’m up to 9004 steps and probably not too many more left in me before I call it a day. Given that I’ve walked over 10,000 for three of the last four days, and 9000 on the fourth day, I’m going to up my daily step requirement from 5000 to 7500. Next week, I’d like to see it go to 10,000 and upwards from there.

Target number today is 71.8. Yes, that is .4 more than yesterday. I don’t read anything into that other than it’s normal to fluctuate, and I knew at some point this rapid descent would ease off. My goal is two pounds a week.

Consumed: two bananas, yogurt with granola, 1 oz of cheese, grilled haddock, steamed and raw carrots, small salad, 3 oz of corned beef (trimmed the fat) two cups of braised cabbage and 2/3 of an ounce of Lindt dark chocolate with chile. And lots of water, none of it green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s good to be home, even if that makes the challenges a little more daunting.





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