Friday, March 16: Louisville, KY

Second day of shows, didn’t even garner a ribbon though judge William Shelton gave us a helluva workout in the ring. I didn’t agree with his picks, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Spent a lovely afternoon with Sandy and her grandson Carson, topped off with dinner with Sandy’s daughter Nicky’s family: Nicky and Mike, sons Carson (7) and Liam (3) at the unforgettable “Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.” (Be sure to check out the link. It’s quite amazing.)

New target number again today, hooray. We’re now looking at 71.4.

Today’s delightful morsels: one oz of cheese, v-8, 2/3 of an Egg McMuffin (shared with Ransom), grilled chicken salad (with lettuce, tomatoes, hardboiled egg and a small wedge of cheese) unsweetened iced tea (added sugar– still a lot less than what they put in it if you get “sweet,” if a little gritty.) Seared salmon, cup of braised cabbage, cup of lima beans and small slice of Derby pie. (It is Louisville after all, and I have been very good.)

Life is not about deprivation. 

I spent two hours swimming in the hotel pool this afternoon with Carson, though I am not counting all of that as exercise as there was plenty of lounging about in the hot tub along with sculling, Australian crawl and treading water. Today I logged 10, 517 steps and I still have to walk dogs one more time– it will definitely be over 11,000 before my head hits the pillow.

Another 8 am ring time tomorrow, so must run.


2 thoughts on “Friday, March 16: Louisville, KY

  1. If you keep this up, you might even start becoming an inspiration. Here I am, the impotent, hyper jock-person who can hardly walk across the room, let alone go out and play. And that’s all I really want to do – play a little.

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