Two step

A good day here, lots of activity, I am totally exhausted. Without once going anywhere near a treadmill I racked up 10,288 steps.  That’s double the target. (Not to mention many of those were taken running in a ring, carrying crates, and the like.) In addition, my target number has shifted again to 73.2— I don’t understand why the scale trends downwards two mornings in a row, but I’ll take it. Had to exert great willpower today in that I was stuck at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds and Exposition Center and I was starving. Have to plan better in the future. Still, I rejected the call of the corn dogs, rib eye sandwiches, fresh fried potato chips, ice cream etc.  Instead:  Brown Cow blueberry granola, an ounce of string cheese, two mini rice cakes, and at Yen Ching’s for a wonderful late lunch: potstickers, chicken and snow pea, white rice, bird’s nest delight (which was shrimp, scallops and vegetables” in a nest of potato threads. Plenty of hot tea.

Sleepy dogs, pouring rain, and another early call at the dog show tomorrow.


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