Live from Louisville

Down in Louisville for three days of dog shows. Took a little whirl on the treadmill this morning in case I didn’t log enough steps. But I logged enough steps. 8,404. No wonder I’m so tired at dog shows. We’ve got a great setup at the Exposition center. In other news, the scale giveth and the scale taketh away. I have a new target number >75< as the scale this morning showed I was five pounds lighter. It was probably just time of day or something, but I’ll take it. Consumed today: quarter cantaloupe, half cup granola with a little milk, cup of coffee, v-8, peanuts, raspberries, apple, grilled haddock, steamed carrots, tossed salad and a corn muffin.  Exercise makes me cheerful– that almost seems like blasphemy.


2 thoughts on “Live from Louisville

  1. You’re gone to the other side. I am left behind without the energy of a marshmallow, which I don’t even eat.

    • It’s all in your head, dear. I couldn’t do this if I hadn’t been struck with the impulse to change. I don’t know how you seek that. For me, it was fortunate that I was not resistant to the task at hand, because I have to wait for these things to come to me.

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