The new scale arrived. Is it really possible that my old scale was weighing twenty pounds light? It’s enough to make you cry.


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  1. I’m not convinced that having a scale is important to losing weight, but I guess it can be a good tool. When I was young and with an eating disorder, I weighed myself every time I went in the bathroom. I recorded my weight each day on a piece of pastel-colored notebook paper. In #3 pencil.

    Well, I was thin then. But in my late 20s and early 30s, I dropped the scale thing and was still thin. I just hate to even go in a bathroom where there is one. It increases my stress level tremendously. I have even procrastinated going to the doctor because I know they will weigh me!

  2. Yes, I find them an anathema too. But given that not stepping on the scale probably has some bearing on how I ended up h-e-r-e- , well, I have to bite the bullet. I haven’t changed my loss target, because, well losing eighty pounds would still be a huge improvement.

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