This is the first post.

For those of you who have happened along here because of my writing, let me apologize in advance. This is not going to be terribly entertaining, though I will endeavor to keep it from being dreadfully dull. My target number is still the same as yesterday– 80— though I bought a new scale today on Amazon, due to arrive tomorrow, so that number may change. What are the chances that my current 30 year old scale is weighing me 30 pounds heavier than I actually am? Yeah, I know, slim to none, no pun intended.

I’m not talking about how much I weigh, or what I want to weigh, I just want to whittle away at that that number: four score, LXXX, a cardinal number, fly away.

This first day has been a good day. The scale I bought registers weights up to 440 pounds. One of the reasons that I was afraid to get on my old scale is that I  didn’t know what would happen if the numbers didn’t go up that high. (As it happened, it wasn’t that bad, but I really didn’t know. I was afraid to know.) Now I know and I am moving forward.

Speaking of which I have logged 5655 steps as of 11 p.m. That’s 2.14 miles. I had to rack a few of those up on the treadmill, because even though I was out and about today, I just didn’t walk enough.

Here’s what I had to eat: two eggs, scrambled, with a piece of toast. (With butter, of course.)  A salad with grilled filet of salmon, kalamata olives, feta cheese, tangerine segments and a tangerine vinaigrette over romaine. An apple. Grapes. A cup of black coffee.  Dinner was a 9 oz New York strip, with stir fried broccoli and sautéed carrots. I had a handful of raspberries and a tiny piece of lemon layer cake for dessert.

I’m going to try to move the major meal to the one in the middle of the day, but with Julian in school, it’s typical that we sit down together as a family for dinner and that has its merits too.  See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “This is the first post.

  1. I always have trouble getting friends to “play” with me so I hope you need some friendly support, especially as the weather will be getting nicer. I am hoping tennis, bicycling and . . . maybe swimming? How about reading while doing leg lifts on the side of a pool? It’s nirvana to me.

    • I used to just write it down for myself, but this keeps me accountable. I just find I’m more likely to eat right and cheat less if I have to “own” it at the end of the day. Glad you found the blog, thanks for all of your great comments and welcome aboard!

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