This is not the first post.

Well, I suppose it is the first post. I won’t really have anything to fill in here until tomorrow night. Then I will record the number of steps I’ve taken, what delicious morsels I’ve devoured and how much of myself I’d like to jettison. (I know that number already– 80. I doubt if it will change by tomorrow.) I don’t expect this to be a particularly public blog, though I will link to it on my Facebook page once a week. How interesting can someone else’s weight loss struggle be? On the other hand, there is comfort in numbers– and if it would be helpful to you in your own struggles to join me each day by way of the comment section, please do so. I’d enjoy the company. There’s more about all of this experiment in the link marked “What Lunacy is This?” above. I can tell you one thing– this is not about humiliation, or shame, or deprivation. This just about finding a way to stay joyfully on the path. Tune in Monday night when we see how well our heroine has done. xo


6 thoughts on “This is not the first post.

    • Gillian, I can’t imagine you as anything but tall and willowy, but if you say today is Day One for you, then so be it. I am showing a Scottish Deerhound this weekend, perhaps you could recite some Burns in our honor or something. Good luck with your endeavors!

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